Artists at Resonant Bodies Festival


Rully Shabara

Indonesian vocalist Rully Shabara is known for his explorations of the human voice in extremis. His output folds together elements from the Indonesian metal, punk and experimental music scenes in boundary smashing performances that evoke ritual, possession, trance and transcendence. The voices inside Shabara’s virtuosic body are many and spectacular. For his set at Resonant Bodies those voices will eject and escape as raw power in unamplified solo wailing, moving through layers of ecstatic extension, culminating in a new piece with his recently formed project Setabuhan – a pattern-driven, muscular music for drummers, voice and dancers.


Deborah Kayser

“Language is a cracked kettle on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, while all the time we long to move the stars to pity” – Flaubert

Deborah Kayser has for several decades, been a guiding voice for new, innovative vocal music in Australia. Her set for Resonant Bodies is the next chapter in her long-standing project, One Hundred Months, Third of East. Composed by (and performed with) contrabass player Nick Tsiavos, One Hundred Months… journeys through a kind of modernist Byzantium of the imagination, forming an architecture into which both voice and bass project.


Sofia Jernberg

Powerhouse experimental vocalist Sofia Jernberg (Ethiopia/ Sweden) is known across the world for her compositions, her spectacular improvisations and the unique palette of sounds she commands. Her focus for this Resonant Bodies performance is on the incredible acoustic possibilities of the human throat, exploring and extending its scope without the aid of external or electronic effects. The set will open with a solo by Sofia after which she will be joined by Jim Denley (saxophone) in a new composition by Johan Jutterström (Sweden) that takes these adventurous musicians to their limits.


Sonya Holowell

Sydney vocalist Sonya Holowell will bring her two duos (with pianist/improviser Jonathan Holowell and designer Elia Bosshard) together into one show. The ‘Holowell’ duo will play an extended free improvisation accompanied by a grand-scale sculptural installation by Bosshard. Holowell’s epic and unpredictable performances are coloured by backgrounds in classical, jazz, modal and experimental genres. Placing their trust in spontaneous processes for organising sound, their set will respond with immediacy and subtlety to the complex stimuli of Carriageworks’s architecture.


Ariadne Greif

American soprano Ariadne Greif is “an artist known for her fearless performances of raw emotionality.” (NY Times). Her Resonant Bodies set plays through scenes on the complex experiences of children. Greif’s theatrical program features new and recent work by Shawn Jaeger, Ricardo Romaneiro and Ryan Chase (Jabberwocky) – for which she will be joined by wunderkind New York-based Australian organist Alessandro Pittorino. Ariadne Greif is represented by CADENZA ARTISTS LLC.


Mitchell Riley

Star of ten of SCO’s most iconic shows, Mitchell Riley’s return to Sydney is marked by the premiere of a new one-man stage work by Jack Symonds and Pierce Wilcox. Taking Patrick White’s Voss as its basis, this song cycle for voice, piano (Zubin Kanga) and electronics pushes Mitchell’s voice and body into new and extreme territory with a quizzically modern interpretation of an Australian icon.


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