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I Have Had Enough

A staged double bill

J. S. Bach: Cantata No. 82 “Ich Habe Genug”
Jack Symonds: Nunc Dimittis (world premiere)*

“I Have Had Enough” is a daring new chamber opera that combines a J S Bach classic with a contemporary Australian composition to create an entirely original work based on the biblical Canticle of Simeon. It is a staging of two versions of the Canticle: one from the eighteenth century, Bach’s Cantata No. 82, “Ich Habe Genug,” and one from today, Jack Symonds’s “Nunc Dimittis.” In each half, a nameless character is about to die, and “I Have Had Enough” probes this mysterious process.

Director Kip Williams joins Sydney Chamber Opera to stage a bold and contemporary conversation between these two non-operas. Unfolding in the Parade Playhouse, NIDA, “I Have Had Enough” is a rumination on death, a collision between eighteenth-century Christianity in Bach’s anonymous libretto and twenty-first-century existentialism in Symonds’s adaptation of that libretto, and an examination of our history of cruelty and our unending battle for power.

* “Nunc Dimittis” is co-commissioned by the Copyright Agency Ltd Cultural Fund and Rev Dr Arthur Bridge AM on behalf of Ars Musica Australis. This production is proudly supported by Professor Emerita Di Yerbury AO.

  • Conductor
  • Huw Belling
  • Director
  • Kip Williams
  • Set & Costume Design
  • Emma Kingsbury
  • Lighting Design
  • Nicholas Rayment
  • With
  • Anna Dowsley, Mitch Riley, Alexandra Aldrich, Michele Durman, Gabriel Fancourt, Amanda McGregor, James Wannan & Orchestra
  • Date & Time
  • 8pm Sat 26 Nov | 6pm Sun 27 Nov | 7.30pm Tue 29 Nov | 6.30pm Wed 30 Nov
  • Venue
  • The Parade Playhouse | NIDA | Anzac Parade, Kensington
  • Tickets
  • $60/$30
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